WE <3 EWE!


I once had a pet sheep called Henry. He was potentially named after a year three crush. He was potentially a little bit dumb, but his fur was soft and he liked to butt a soccer ball with his head so I didn’t really mind. He was mine and I liked him.

Here at RUBY we like our sheep too. More specifically, we like the sheep that made our brushed merino sweatshirting. Our friends down South let them graze in lovely big paddocks, spend their days in the sun and when necessary get shorn so they’re a little less Shrek and a little more Kimmy-K pre-2009. After the load is lightened it’s then spun into yarn and made into fabric.

This soft, snuggly, goodness was turned into a few sweaters, and it’s safe to say we would sleep in them if we could. Check them out here.

The supply chain integrity is guaranteed for this merino and it feels like heaven on your skin. If you think I’m spinning a yarn (lol) we can prove it with a certificate. Don’t forget it’s also New Zealand designed and produced.

Pretty cool, huh?

P.S. Henry Smith if you’re reading this I definitely had a crush on you. Sorry you had to find out like this.


Love RUBY xx