Ruby Loves Amy's Secret Kitchen


There is nothing like a sweet treat to brighten up your day. We sat down with the lovely Amy from Amy's Secret Kitchen to find out more about her gorgeous cakes and brand new store on Ponsonby's Brown St.

Why did you decide to start Amy's Secret Kitchen?

Like most people, I like food that looks and tastes good and Amy's Secret Kitchen, which we started in 2011, was a natural extension of my desire to share that interest. Initially Amy's Secret Kitchen started as a holiday program for children where we showed kids how to bake and decorate their cupcakes and cakes. The name Amy's Secret Kitchen came from the original location and purpose of the business. It was a kitchen hidden away at the top of a staircase where we were teaching the secrets of great home baking. By 2012 we were inundated with requests for our cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods and not being the shy type I embraced the challenge, recruited my sister who is a hospitality graduate and we developed the cakery. We love working together and take pride in the products we make.

Amy's Secret Kitchen

What’s your favourite Amy's Secret Kitchen sweet treat?

It is hard to pick a favourite as our cakes are all so good. We focus on keeping the tastes unique and not overpowered by sweetness but if I had to pick a current favourite I would lean towards our Red Velvet cupcake. This cupcake is a real teaser because the taste leaves you craving more. It is a real party in your mouth!


Congratulations on your new store. How did it come about?

Amy's Secret Kitchen is as much about the experience as it is about the taste. We wanted Amy's Secret Kitchen to be a destination shop where our clients could come and enjoy the experience of baking, feast their eyes on the cakes, select and order a special cake or just be over awed by the smell of home baking as they grabbed something delicious to devour.


What was your inspiration for the interior?

The motivation for the shop was to produce a clean and crisp look which highlighted our passion for home baking, but like our cakes, had a modern twist. My sister and I are a fairly energetic pair who are influenced by the world around us, so it was no different for us when we created the interior for the shop. We wanted it to reflect a friendly and welcoming vibe which showcased our wonderful cakes and was inviting for all our valued customers.



What can we expect to see in the coming months?

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and we have some outstanding creations for the festive season. These will be followed up with a range of summer cakes that will be ideal for sharing or keeping all to your self.