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Based in Amsterdam, the ANNA + NINA brand is synonymous with classic and contemporary jewellery with an edge. The brand was started by two friends, Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot. Together they create seasonal collections inspired by botanical shapes, art, literature and architecture.

Each ANNA + NINA piece adds a little twist to your everyday basics or that special finishing touch to evening wear.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with the seriously talented Anna to find out more about the brand and what keeps them ticking...

How did Anna + Nina come about?

We started off as an agency selling different jewellery brands to shops in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg). After that, we opened our own shop selling everything we love, including jewellery, before starting up our own jewellery brand, ANNA + NINA

What are your roles within the business?

We do a lot together, designing, buying, strategy; it really is a combination of the two of us. I (Anna) am more focused on the PR and Media side of things while Nina focuses on more of the sales. However it’s really a joint effort between us and the rest of our team!

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Where did the inspiration for your latest collection come from?

We design together and we have a co-designer, Nadja. The three of us will go down one path in a certain collection and then will add or take away things until we feel it's perfect. Our latest collection was about shapes we liked and the combination of silver, gold and threads. The collection needed to have a certain American diner feel to it, with a touch of gypsy.

Was there anyone in particular that helped you along the way?

Our wonderful team at ANNA + NINA all have all played a very important part in our success. Without them we are nowhere. Nina and I are both about to have babies and the whole team just took over!

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What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Some of my favourites are; the Bauble Ring Earring (I wear them almost every day), the Bauble Hoops (so on trend right now) and for a night out, the Shooting Star Necklace!

What can we expect to see from ANNA + NINA in the future?

Well, we are hoping for ANNA + NINA world domination of course! We are about to open our third shop in Amsterdam and we're also looking to open a shop in Belgium and in UK in the near future. We are launching our own homeware line later this year and we are introducing more pieces in 18K gold. So... we all try to keep busy!

Thanks ladies x

The latest ANNA + NINA collection is now available at RUBY stores nationwide (excluding RUBY at the Auckland Airport) and online...