Show Tunes - Ruby

Ruby designer Deanna Didovich talks about her music choices for the Capital City runway show

3 words to describe your song choices

Electro pop, dance, magical

How does it reflect the clothing?

The music chosen for the show reflected the modern/futuristic feeling of the clothing, and the energy in the songs created a perfect atmosphere to show the collection in.

Track listing please...

  1. Mind Warp, Bachelorette
  2. The Afterlife, YACHT
  3. Ungirthed, Purity Ring
  4. MindKilla, Gang Gang Dance

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The song that just missed out?

Hits Me Like a Rock, CSS. Free download below!

Show Tunes - Liam

Liam designer Emily MIller-Sharma talks about her music choices for her first show.

What are three words to describe your runway music?

Sparkly, fresh, secretly bass-loaded.

Why live music?

I wanted to have the combination of softness and power that musicians playing live brings. A little bit heartfelt, a little bit strong.

What was the band?

Watercolours which is Chelsea Jade's latest project. She was accompanied by Alistair Deverick, Jeremy Toy (of She's So Rad) and Hollie Fullbrook (of Tiny Ruins)

Favourite instrument and/or person in the band?

Hey! This is a hard one! For me it was really awesome to have Hollie on cello. It's a shame that cellos are so massive and hard to transport around because i think that they make an amazing sound and work in quite nicely with a certain type of pop song.

What do you listen to in your van?

At the moment I can't get enough of Sade, the Diamond Life album. That said, my van has a super great sub in it so anything with decent bass sounds awesome. It makes my rear vision mirror vibrate!

Track listing please...

  1. Under, Watercolours
  2. Dream Sequins, Watercolours
  3. The Outer Skin, Chris Knox

Ruby AW12 Nzfw

RUBY looks to the future for their Autumn-Winter '12 collection, as launched at New Zealand Fashion Week in August this year, with their modern ladies of Capital City. Slick and super modern with touches of sci-fi, the collection is neo-tribal and energetic.

Capital City will be available in RUBY stores and online from January 2012.