Coachella 2013 Weekend 1

Last weekend we were tortured by all of the Coachella images filling our social media feeds.

Katie Du Fall, our friend and Marketing Manager for Stolen Rum, was lucky enough to attend the first weekend of the famed music festival in the Californian desert and sent us a few of her favourite snaps and her highlights from the three-day 'festy' extravaganza.

Coachella 3

Who were you most excited to see prior to the festival and why?

To be honest I wasn’t specifically excited to see one band in particular. The allure for me was to experience one of the best music festivals in the world and I can guarantee that Coachella delivered.

Coachella 2

Top five favorite acts:

1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – These guys were amazing; it was hit after hit after hit which had the whole crowd singing in unison. Plus, they can still rock it despite being in their 50’s. I was impressed.

2. Major Lazer – They played the crowd like a fiddle. We were putty in their hands. Phenomenal.

3. Phoenix – Not only were the Phoenix awesome, of course, but R. Kelly made a surprise appearance and busted out ‘Ignition’. Loved it.

4. Foals – Coachella was my first introduction to this band and I was pleasantly surprised. Captivating.

5. Vampire Weekend – when do these guys not deliver?

Coachella 4

Three words to describe your Coachella experience:

Dusty, carefree & spellbinding


Katie's 'Festy' Outfit

Top five 'festy' dressing tips:

1. Break in your shoes – Do not under any circumstances wear new shoes to Coachella. You will be on your feet and dancing for upwards of 6 hours. Your feet will thank you.

2. Dress for comfort – Comfort over fashion. You will enjoy it for longer.

3. Accessorise – Because your outfit will be on the casual/comfortable side, dress it up and make a statement with accessories. Let your unique personal style come through with leather cuffs, a stunning necklace and an anklet.

4. Textures – Give your 'festy' outfit depth by choosing fabrics with texture; think beaded, embroidered and stitched.

5. Layering – Not only is layering ‘so hot right now’ but at a festival like Coachella it is very functional. The desert was extremely hot during the day but very cool and crisp at night, especially when the wind picked up, you need to be able to adjust your clothing to the weather.

Coachella 1

Katie wearing her RUBY Rocky Stud Necklace at Coachella

If you're heading to the second weekend of Coachella this weekend, we're super jealous!