Ruby Nz Fashion Week - From in Store

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Tiffany is our retail manager in our Newmarket store, Fashion Editor of The Down Low and beauty reviewer for Off Duty Beauty. Tiffany has worked in fashion for a total of 7 years doing everything from retail, editing, PR, social media and modeling.

Follow Tiffany on Twitter: @iamTiffanyLow

Tiffany will be representing the RUBY retail sector - tweeting & instagraming & facebooking about our in-store launch event on Tuesday, the Chambord cocktails, the Blubells Cakery sweet treats (in Auckland) and the RUBY RUN, RUN, RUN PART TWO Limited Fashion Week Collection!

Look out for the initials ^TL for Tiffany's posts

Ruby Nz Fashion Week - From the Cheap Seats

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Hayden spends far too much time on Twitter and plays in far too many bands including Lawrence Arabia, Panther & The Zoo, Tono & The Finance Company, The Cosbys and Boycrush. He studies politics and writes for

Follow Hayden on Twitter: @hydn or check out his blog

Hayden will be tweeting like mad, representing a male's perspective at the show, sitting with the cool kids in the crowd.

Look out for the initials ^HE for Hayden's posts

Ruby Nz Fashion Week - From Backstage - Samantha Shorter

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Samantha Shorter is a 22 year old Auckland native and a RUBY girl from way back, not to mention a total slashie - model, communications/PR graduate, writer for Shop What's New, aspiring actress/presenter, shopaholic.

Samantha is a model in the RUBY show and will be sharing her experience backstage via the RUBY Instagram, Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Follow Sam on Twitter: @samanthashorter

Look out for the initials ^SS for Sam's posts