Sophie Donovan Visits Japan

Our favourite RUBY film reviewer Sophie Donovan recently holidayed in Japan. Check out her photo diary from her amazing trip....


Getting all ‘Lost in Translation’ at the New York Bar in Shinjuku. The live jazz band and spectacular views of the city at night was a highlight.


June is the rainy season in Japan and everyone is armed with an umbrella at all times. Negotiating your way through a busy intersection with umbrellas flying at you from all angles takes skill.

Fish Markets

The Tsukiji fish markets, everything you can possibly want on the seafood front. If you get there at 5am you can watch the tuna auction in action.

Local Cuisine

Enjoying some of the local cuisine, as you’d expect the food is seriously amazing.


One of the many kooky outfits seen in Tokyo, check out those shoes!


The view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Building in Shinjuku, so much grey!


Exploring Kyoto’s Shosei-en gardens, one of the many pockets of old Japan amongst Kyoto’s busy city.


Underneath a shrine gate (Torii) at Nara, you see these at the entrance or within a Shinto shrine throughout Japan.


Geisha spotting in Kyoto’s Gion district, they are hard to come by and slippery when it comes to snapping them on camera.


The picturesque Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, it was extra beautiful in the rain.


One of Japan’s most spectacular sights, The Golden Pavilion.


The beautiful Miyajima is a short boat ride from Hiroshima, the perfect day trip on a sunny day.


The Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. It was originally the Hiroshima Trade Promotion Hall and was only 150m away from the blast hypocentre. All the other surrounding buildings were completely demolished in the blast.


The little beach town of Kamakura is a fun day trip from Tokyo. You can bike around the coast and spot Mt Fuji on a sunny day in the distance.


On a walk through one of Nikko’s amazing hiking trails with waterfalls, beautiful brooks and idyllic lakes.

Images by Simon Barnett