Lu Diamond: When in Blooms

Spring has officially arrived! To celebrate the season of new blooms, our resident florist and good friend Lu Diamond Flowers has shared her favourite floral moments with us.

Wizard of Oz - The Deadly Poppy Field

This was my favourite child hood film, the songs, the drama and that mean wicked witch! It was one of the very first films to be produced in colour and was very much ahead of its time in set design. I remember thinking that all those poppies were so magical and watching back at it now it still is.


The Quirky Beard Floral Trend

I think the first time I saw this quirky floral idea was in Kinfolk magazine. Sarah Winward is an American florist with a pretty cool partner who will let her stick flowers in his beard. I think its such a rad idea and is a refreshing approach to floral design. Sometimes odd just works!


Giant Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner

Is that real?!! oh no its made of paper. But still, how beautiful is the detail. I never get excited about fake flowers but this work really blew me away. I would love to see one in the flesh and maybe even get a lesson because they are just so pretty and massive! This larger than life dahlia in pink is my favourite.


Suspended Floral Installations by Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca's body of work is impressive. She has created large scale floral installations for Jo Malone, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Max Mara to name a few and that's not even the impressive bit. Recently she was commissioned by the London garden museum to build an installation the flower garden display'd 2014 which was a floating meadow of 4,600 flowers. She works with every variety of flower you can think of from dried to fresh, I love her grand and diverse style.



Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola

It's all in the details, the pastel colour palette, petals scattered around french pastries, the floral wall paper, flowers in her hair and the electric pink peonies and anemones placed in vases.


Smashed Flowers by Jon Shireman

This is the best thing I have ever seen, an amazing idea. Wished I had though of it! "Beauty is truly fleeting, especially when it is frozen in liquid nitrogen and shattered by a spring-loaded contraption. New York photographer Jon Shireman immerses flowers in LN2, then records their destruction with a high speed camera for his 2010 Broken Flowers project. Displayed against a stark white background, the blooms resemble splintered china plates or floral fireworks."


Isabelle Menin

Isabelle specialises in digital photography mainly focusing on natures elements; this image is called My laughing stalk. The layering of imagery and the use of light is stunning, I also really like how the lilies are closed and that the orange berries are just floating about, the more you look at it the more details you find.


Thanks Lu!

Lu Diamond: Frida Floral Arrangement

This month, our expert florist and friend Lu Diamond Flowers, shares with us her tips to add colour into our lives with the bright hues of the orchid family and her latest arrangement ideas...

I have recently fallen in love with the mesmerising orchid family. They are the highlight when visiting the markets during wet, cold mornings. My most favourite are cymbidiums, which look like bright-coloured puppy dog noses, and the golden shower orchid, which have delicate sprays of tiny flowers, shaped like yellow skirted dancing girls.

The variety of orchids on this planet is huge; there are literally thousands of these exotic beauties originating from all over Asia and Australia. I could stare at them all day investigating the detail and their otherworldly structure. Sometimes flowers with such detail are best to admire in a vase on their own, however this week I wanted to have a play and mix them together to create a bright orange colour palette. I added a bunch of blood orange ranunculus flowers (my other favourite at the moment) and my brand new vase. During winter it's nice to add a bit of colour so be brave and grab the perfect hits of bold tones such as red, burgundy and orange. It's an orange affair so I'm calling it my Frida Arrangement.

When creating your arrangement at home, it can be helpful to use a rubber band to keep stems in the right place if need be, if the vase is opaque no one will know! Another useful tip is not to cut the stems until you're confident with where you want your flowers to sit. If you do cut too short they can be placed in a left over jam jar, perfect above the kitchen sink.

Lu Diamond

Lu Diamond 2

Lu Diamond 3

Frida Arrangement

Frida Arrangement 2

Celebrations: Lu Diamond

When it comes to special moments, Lu Diamond Flowers is our pick of the bunch for beautiful bouquets. With Liam Celebrations fresh in our minds, we caught up with Lu to hear the enjoyment she gets from helping create and celebrate life's memorable occasions with flowers.

I get a little bit giddy with excitement when I’m approached to do someone’s wedding. It's a crazy and humbling job and I love every single aspect of it. Working on a wedding is special because each is a unique collaboration with the client having different ideas around themes and locations.

My process of styling a wedding is very relaxed. I have no set costs or a wedding portfolio. Each wedding has its own original mood board drawn up with colour swatches and inspiration images, which we then turn into reality.

White Flowers

Ivory Arch


Flower Pots

Flowers & Ocean

Floral Setting

Florals Closeup