Ruby Magic Hour: Isobel Dryburgh

The talented filmmaker and budding young artist Isobel Dryburgh shot our RUBY Magic Hour short film for us! As an Elam graduate, Isobel works across many different mediums including film, theatre, set design and art direction. We spoke to Isobel about her work and our Magic Hour film....


Tell us a bit about your inspiration for our RUBY Magic Hour short film....

On the day of the RUBY Magic Hour shoot, I was trying to capture as many moments as possible between Jasper, Matt, Chiara and Norina from Clyne. What we were trying to do relied heavily on being able to bottle their exchanges and get a sense of their experience. The light as the shoot got on became so beautiful, I feel my inspiration was feeding from the environment and people.



What's your favourite film you've worked on in the past?

I've been witness to a large amount due to both my parents being in the film industry. My favourite project to have been a part of would probably be Love Story by Florian Habicht. I shot several sequences for Love Story while his regular Director of Photography was away, which was an amazing experience!


As an artist, do you have a favourite medium you like to work with?

My work has always involved performance of some kind so I would say performance is my favourite medium. I try to work with the format that best executes the idea. (Check out Isobel's Art in the Dark piece here)


What other exciting projects are you currently working on?

I've been keeping busy doing some writing, set design for theatre (most recently Cloud 9 at Basement) and art directing jointly a short film. I'm looking forward to starting some new projects!