My City: Tiffany Low

In our third MY CITY series we caught up with the lovely Tiffany Low who currently calls NYC home.

Tiffany is a true RUBY girl at heart. She previously managed our RUBY Newmarket store before heading off on her overseas adventure. Tiffany is now the Business and Public Relations Coordinator at a NYC Footwear company, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality fashion footwear and the the fashion editor at New Zealand fashion website


New York is infamous for being what is known as 'The City of Dreams.' As cliché as it sounds, it truly is – everybody that I’ve met here is in New York pursuing a dream in acting, modeling or landing a position within the fashion industry. With a population of over 8 million people, the city contains a variety of locations for much-needed R & R (this city can be exhausting for some, so even if you are working multiples jobs in order to pay your rent, you still need to find some downtime). Of course, there are the emblematic must-sees of New York, such as The Empire State building, The Rockefeller, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and so forth, but for this post, I wanted to pick out some places that I deem are some of the top places to pay a visit to, while you’re in the city.

The City of Dreams

1.The Metropolitan Museum of Art

OK, this is one of the 'emblematic must-sees of New York' that I mentioned above, but whether you go for the phenomenal art, or to eat yoghurt on The MET steps, Gossip Girl style (like I did), you need to visit this museum. NB: Don’t expect to view the whole museum in one day, make a few trips out of it. I’ve been twice, so far, and still haven’t seen a lot of it. Also, visit the museum on different days of the week, so you receive different colored pin badges upon entry.

The Met

2.The Station

Located right off the Bedford Ave stop in Williamsburg, this haunt is, without a doubt, perfect for any meal of the day. The service is incredible and whenever I visit Station, I always try something new on the menu. It never fails to impress.

The Station

3.PhD Dream Downtown

Firstly, you will feel like you are literally on top of the world, as you stand here, holding your dirty martini in one hand, whilst surrounded by beautiful (but possibly, somewhat, pretentious) people. Second, the entry stamps here are invisible. How cool! Seriously though, the view from the rooftop of PhD Dream Downtown is outstanding. It is a definitely must-see in this city.

PhD Dream Downtown

4.The Mercer Kitchen

As part of the well-known Mercer Hotel, The Mercer Kitchen is one of many Jean-Georges restaurants around the world. Celebrity sightings here by yours truly have included the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, James Franco, Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs, Russell Brand and Adam Levine. The food and service is impeccable, too. The salmon on crispy sushi rice and tuna spring roll appetizers are to die for.

The Mercer Kitchen

5.Happy Bones

As much as I love this city, I have to say that they have nothing on the coffee in New Zealand. Fortunately, all is not lost, as there is Happy Bones on Bond Street part-owned by New Zealander Luke Harwood. Located towards the back of a chic vintage store, Happy Bones is the spot to visit for a quiet but good coffee.

Happy Bones

6.16 Handles

Before I moved to New York, all I’d heard about was Pinkberry but 16 Handles is the place to go for the best FroYo. In spite of this, I try to avoid 16 Handles, because it’s very dangerous – somehow, I always end up with the biggest cup. What’s worse, they always offer you a rewards card – that’s the devil right there.

16 Handels


Evidently, this is Marc Jacobs’ book, stationery, and gift store. Located on Bleecker St, the store is tiny, but cute. You’ll always come across some cute knick-knacks in there; it is the perfect spot to find a gift for someone who already has everything. Or, for yourself.


8.M&Ms World

Upon entering this vicinity, your senses will be struck by the chocolate scent that lingers in the air. Never have I ever seen so much merchandise for something, and we’re talking a little candy-coated chocolate button that features a single M. At M&Ms world, you can buy just about anything - pyjamas, slippers, apparel, beauty products, to name a few, and of course, chocolate. You can even customize your own M&Ms with your initials on it.

M&M's World

9.Grand Central Station

Again, this is one of the signature spots one must visit when in New York – I had to refrain from making do like Naomi from the movie Arthur, where she lies on the ground and stares up at the astrologically decorated ceiling.

Grand Central Station

10.New York Public Library

This building is seriously breathtaking. It almost made me wish I was back in school, so I could have an excuse to study in the library. It has also made me want to get married there, just like Carrie Bradshaw. From the marble steps to the hanging chandeliers, the rows and rows of books, and the beautiful high ceilings, one has not experienced New York until they’ve visited the New York Public Library.

New York Public Library

We asked Tiffany what her three must haves from the RUBY & Liam AW13 collections are...

I'm in love with the RUBY Liberty Shirt in blue mega geo, the RUBY Liberty Boots and the pretty Liam Camisole in cream.