The Shutter Pirates: Paper Pirates

We love the idea behind the guerrilla photography exhibition Paper Pirates! Created by the talented duo Tim Lambourne and Joe Dowling of The Shutter Pirates, we are excited to announce that it's back again for the third and final time on Friday 19th of July at Auckland's Silo Park!

Paper Pirates

Based on The Photocopy Club in Brighton, England, The Shutter Pirates invites everyone to submit their favourite photos, in A3 size or bigger, to be displayed at the event. Everyone then comes along to look at the pictures and have a bit of a party. At the end of the night people can rip them off the walls and take them home. Fun!

We had a chat to Tim, one half of Shutter Pirates, to find out more about the upcoming event....

Tim & Joe

When did you and Joe start Shutter Pirates?

I was travelling through the States a few years ago posting some of my photographs on Facey. Joe commented on one saying 'wanna join my fictional photography crew 'The Shutter Pirate(s)' - which was a total throwaway joke. However I can be a a bit literal and I often get carried away so a couple weeks later was born.

Tell us a bit about the Paper Pirate event?

We call on people to abuse the office printer and print their favourite photographs and then send them to us so we can put them up on the wall for people to look at. Everyone comes along and ogles them, and then they pull them off the wall to keep forever/as long as paper lasts.

I really love seeing talented photographers from all over the country, and the world, sending us their amazing photos. The quality just blows me away.

Jasmine Kim

Image by Jasmine Kim

Do you have any favourite past submissions?

Rebekkah Farrell's fashion portraits are stunning and a girl called Jasmine Kim sent some amazing shots over from New York.

Rebekkah Farrell

Image by Rebekkah Farrell

What other exciting things are you working on for Shutter Pirates?

This will be the last time we run Paper Pirates in this style so we're working through different ways to make it work in future!

Find out more details about how you can get involved in the awesome Paper Pirates event here.