To celebrate the silly season, we collaborated with the wonderful team at Sauce to bring you some of our favourite looks for the countdown...



RUBY Bahati Long Dress / $249




RUBY Toga Wrap Top / $149 & Verse 1.0 Beaded Earrings / $49




RUBY Shells Halter Top / $99 & Night Sky Necklace $25




RUBY Quiet Please Playsuit / $249 $ Juniper Necklace $29




Liam Salina Dress / $249

Photographer: Hamish Melville

Model: Jamie Stanton @ Clyne Model Management, Selena @ Unique

Styling: Zeenat Wilkinson

Makeup: Paige Best

Hair: Shane Beveridge



For those with a similar predilection for hand made, fine chocolate, you'll be pleased to be introduced to the House Of Chocolate, a Takapuna-based chocolatier raising the bar for fine chocolate connoisseurs.

To celebrate the recent opening of our Takapuna store, we collaborated with the talented team from House of Chocolate to create bespoke, hand made chocolates, inspired by our youthful and feminine spring 16 collection, No Drama.

We caught up with Marilyn from the House of Chocolate to find out how her background in fashion lead her to become a chocolatier...

Choccy 1

Choccy 4

How did you become a chocolatier?

After completing a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Fashion at AUT, I found myself wanting to further explore different areas of design. The role for Marketing Executive at House Of Chocolate came up and it was a wonderful opportunity to be part of a team where I could explore the roles of graphic design, marketing, product design and of course, learn about being a chocolatier!

Choccy 3

Choccy + Hands

What do you love about being a chocolatier?

In my opinion, there is a gap in the New Zealand market for hand-crafted and beautifully designed bonbon chocolates. This collaboration with RUBY allowed me to explore this vision. It's still early days for us and I'm learning so much, however, chocolate is always a beautiful and delicious gift so makes it really engaging!

Choccy pour 5

Talk us through your design process? When it comes to designing a new chocolate we put together a mood board to decipher the direction we are heading in, taking into account colours, flavours, packaging, trends and different products we can use e.g. 24 carat gold flake. From there we sample, examine and refine!

What do you love most about collaborating ? I love the coming together of different visions and ideas to create one unique product. Working with RUBY was the perfect opportunity to create a feminine and youthful collection of colours and flavours. I love being able to explore these different moods while designing towards a specific idea! It's always a challenge but a lot of fun - I have met some amazing people along the way!

Marilyn 1

What are your favourite pieces from the latest RUBY No Drama collection? My favourite item is currently the Firebird Silk Dress, that silk is so luxe! It's such a feminine and flattering style!

Thanks Marilyn x


We caught up with the lovely illustrator, Creative Director and blogger, Kelly Thompson to chat about her creative process and garnering a reputation as one of New Zealand's most internationally recognised illustrators.

Read our interview with Kelly Thompson and check out her favourite looks from our RUBY & Liam winter 16 collections....


RUBY Bunny Stole | $109 and Liam Galaxy Turtleneck | $159

Did you expect a career in illustration to take you this far?

I knew that I wanted it to go somewhere, but I never really realised exactly what you could do as an illustrator and the opportunities there could be. I definitely didn't expect that it would grow to me having my own agency and working as an art director. Some of my most memorable experiences would be winning the Escada pitch, speaking at Semi-Permanent numerous times. Taking the plunge to stop drawing all the time and launch my own agency, UNA was a pretty exciting step, I'm sure it will become memorable!


Liam Galaxy Turtleneck | $159

What’s your typical design process?

First, I ask as many questions as I can of the client, figure out what they actually want, ask for examples of things they like, show them things to figure out where their head is at. The most important things are to make sure you're on the same page at the start. Then I do research followed by super rough (and kind of terrible) sketches which I occasionally share on Snapchat so people can see how basic they really need to be. I always accompany these with references of my work so people can visualise what they are going to get. From there I revise the sketch if adjustments are needed, or I go on to tidy line work. Once done I resubmit, make adjusts or move to colour which I do digitally. Then Ta da!

For art direction and consulting the process is a bit more varied and longer. I always meet clients in person or we have skype meetings, there is much more researching, clarifying requirements, mood boards, sourcing of creatives, creative management. It's a bigger process, but I love it.


RUBY Bunny Stole | $109

What has been your most exciting collaboration so far?

I did a really fun event for Maybelline NY NZ a couple of years ago that involved me creating a face chart then flying to NZ and hosting a press day where I ran through the new season products and taught an art class with makeup, I really enjoyed using my skills in a completely different way. Recently with UNA we were commissioned to do the Formula E worldwide racing campaign, a project that ran for almost a year and was seen on LED billboards the size of football fields and all sorts of amazing media around the world, that was extremely exciting because it was just such a huge scale project!


Liam Galaxy Skirt | $199

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love taking some time out with pilates, walking by the river near our house with the dog and getting outside as much as possible! I've also just started a personal project called Everyday Girls and am about to do my first sketch for that. The project will be pretty big and run for a couple of years so I imagine so my spare time will be well stacked. I have also launched a new blog where I chat about the industry and creativity. I also try to support brands I love and people like me, who are just starting out

What are your favourite pieces for our latest RUBY & Liam Winter collections?

I've been wearing the Galaxy Turtleneck a lot! I really like how it's a little bit 70's with the golden sparkle as I'm going through a huge disco/70s moment right now. I love the velvet Bunny styles, the velvet Vampire Choker and the red Alpine Peacoat, it's such a good colour for dull grey winter days.


RUBY Vampire Choker | $29

Thanks Kelly x