The Zine - Part Two - Liam

We worked with Boston based blogger and young photographer, Evan Tetreault to shoot RUBY and Liam Spring/Summer '12 looks via Skype. Below Emily talks on what it is about the World Wide Web that inspires her.

Emily Miller-Sharma of Liam



How does the internet enhance/ influence your work from a creative point of view?
It’s just so amazing to be able to find the answer to almost any question that I ask: How do you make the pattern for a shawl collar? What is the female director’s name who is the daughter of another famous film director? How to you make a strong brace for a wood frame?

What are some go-to sites that you regularly check for inspiration?
Obviously is an amazing resource but the site that I am most into at the moment is the pantograph punch

Do you feel there is still space in the world for print magazines? Why/ why not?
Yes – as long as the content is worth more than the paper it is printed on. For me the experience of reading a physical magazine rather than an online/onscreen one is more much pleasurable, relaxing and engaging.

What are some of your earliest memories of buying magazines?
As an 11 year old waiting for the monthly Girlfriend magazine to arrive at the dairy down the road from me. I actually used to get butterflies in my tummy with excitement. Also reading the Metro magazines that mum would bring home at probably about the same age and being amazed at these articles that really challenged my perspective. and obviously, contrasting with Girlfriend, the articles were like novels.

Can you reveal a secret site you check a lot that would surprise us?
I’ve scanned through my internet history over the past couple of months and I’m afraid to say that my internet use is really quite run of the mill! I guess the most surprising things would be the youtube memes that I constantly go back to. But then doesn’t everyone?

What was the last thing that really inspired you? ( Web, print or otherwise).
The Lawrence Arabia show at the Auckland Town Hall. Incredible performance, beautiful setting, great energy.

Photographer: Evan Tetreault Model: Rhiannon from Clyne Creative director & stylist: Amelia Holmes With help by Katherine of Katherine is Awesome