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We love the idea of heading to an outdoor cinema on a summer's evening to watch our favourite classic films, so were super excited to hear about the launch of Firefly Cinemas, Wellington's first outdoor cinema, and to welcome back the Silo Cinema tonight!

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We had a chat to Jonno Morrissey a self confessed film addict and the Managing Director of Firefly Cinemas to find out how it all came about...

Being a real movie enthusiast, it all stemmed from seeing outdoor pop-up cinemas in Australia and seeing the resurgence of Drive-Ins in both Australia and America. This being due to modern screen, sound & projection technology being a lot more flexible and affordable. The idea spawned from here, initially around pop up picnic style movie nights but developing into bringing Wellington its first ever Drive-In cinema.

Favourite movie genre?

I’d love to say horror but I don't exactly enjoy it, I just love the thrill! It’d probably have to be the polar opposite, comedy. Comedy brings people together and there is nothing like the pleasurable pain of your cheeks hurting because you have been laughing so much.

Favourite movie?

The Beach by Danny Boyle. The enigma and fantasy of this secret beach community actually being real along with the amazing cinematography capturing how beautiful this part of the world was really hooked me as a young teen. The sole reason I travelled to Thailand and Ko Phi Phi was in the hope that it might be...Unfortunately not.

What’s the most exciting thing that you’ve done with Firefly Cinemas so far?

We’ve had a few exciting/heart stopping moments so far, but the best would be having near full capacity for our Dirty Dancing Drive-In night. Around a hundred cars and a few hundred people, seeing a convoy of Classic Muscle Cars and Yank tanks rock up, pulling barbeques out the boot with the kids running around playing ball before the movie, just made it really authentic and had a feeling that we had done it!

Check out the Firefly & Silo Park summer line-up:


  • 15th December: Home Alone

  • 20th December: Lion King

  • 22nd December: Love Actually

  • 5th January- The Fast & The Furious

  • 9th February: Grease


  • 13th December: Nightmare Before Christmas

  • 20th December: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • 10th January: Spirited Away

  • 17th January: The Human Scale

  • 24th January: The Lion King

  • 31st January: The Graduate

If you're in Wellington or Auckland, you're in for a treat this summer. You'll definitely catch us at Home Alone & The Lion King!

Ruby Loves Films: Only Lovers Left Alive


Back from her exciting trip to Japan, Sophie has let us in on her favourite film from this year's NZIFF, Only Lovers Left Alive...

Only Lovers Left Alive is not your average vampire flick; there is little bloodsucking and human hunting, and unexpectedly more art, music and nature appreciation. Set between the starkness of Detroit and Tangier and appropriately all shot at night, Jim Jarmusch’s new film is beautifully dark and moody yet punctuated with dry, deadpan comedy.

In a world inhabited by Zombies (humans) bohemian vampires Adam and Eve have been married for centuries. While Eve (Tilda Swinton) lives in Tangier, spending her days devouring books in a multitude of languages, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) spends his days boarded up in his decrepit Detroit apartment with only rare music equipment to keep him company. Depressed and reclusive, he is disillusioned by how and why humans have destroyed the beauty of the world so he sends his one link to the outside, helpful human Ian, on a mission to find him a wooden bullet. When his wife Eve (Tilda Swinton) discovers his suicidal tendencies she takes the lengthy trip from Tangier to Detroit to show him the beauty there is left to live for.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Although there is not much action throughout the film, that’s part of the beauty of it. It’s slow paced and otherworldly, focusing on bewitchingly beautiful details that perhaps as ‘zombies’ we tend to overlook. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are the perfect vampire couple; effortlessly cool and hyper sophisticated. They no longer bite humans, as it seems our blood has been contaminated due to our unhealthy lifestyle, so they rely on a ‘connection’ at the local blood bank. Lovers for centuries, the duo have rubbed shoulders with some of history’s greatest artists including Byron, Mary and Percy Shelley and Shakespeare’s rival Marlowe, who happens to be a vampire as well and still bitter about Shakespeare stealing his glory.

I can’t stop thinking about this film and am looking forward to seeing it again when it (hopefully) hits our cinemas. I loved how it is visually mesmerising and whimsical and sheds new light to some of life’s simplest scenarios. This isn’t a film everyone will enjoy, but if you appreciate Jarmusch’s quirky style and are up for a twist on the vampire genre then Only Lovers Left Alive is definitely worth a look.

Only Lovers Left Alive is set to hit New Zealand cinemas on Thursday 26th December.

Romeo + Juliet: a Love Song

We are excited to have 10 double passes to 'Romeo + Juliet: A Love Story' to give away!

To win, simply email us at with your name, city, contact details and tell us why you would love to head along.

Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song is Shakespeare heard through the voices of today. This new generation trailer-park musical represents his language and heartbreaking story through stunning cinematography, off-beat casting and a thrilling contemporary score.

Check out the trailer here.


Good luck x