Ruby Loves: Pantograph Punch X Metro Magazine

Metro magazine and online publication Pantograph Punch have teamed up to present, The Briefing, an evening showcase of the best arts and culture talent, on tonight at Auckland's Q Theatre. To celebrate, we caught up with Pantograph Punch editor, Rosabel Tan, to hear about the events' origins and why it's an evening not to be missed.


Tell us a bit about Pantograph Punch...

We're a website that features smart, interesting writing on arts and culture. The best part about working for the Pantograph Punch is being surrounded by people who are devastatingly impressive.

What would be your favourite interview you've done so far?

It would have to be the time I got Duncan Greive and Chip Matthews in a room together to talk about music criticism. Years ago Duncan wrote a scathing review of an Open Souls performance and in response the band wrote a mean and quite threatening song called 'The Critic'. Even though they had never met Duncan it was all about him and included personal details from his life. When I found out I decided to get Duncan and Chip (the bands' bassist) in a room together. They had never met before and it was a little awkward at first - for a moment I even thought things were going to turn sour - but they ended up getting along.

Who are five people you'd love to have at a dinner party?

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google because I'm fascinated by how he thinks.Jeffrey Eugenides and Lorrie Moore, they're two of my favourite writers and have warm and witty voices that I think will translate to life.Either Julia Turner or Dana Stevens from the Slate Culture Gabfest (my favourite podcast).Arthur Miller, because he's one of my favourite playwrights - he married Marilyn Monroe and I want to know who that man was.

How did The Briefing come about?

We'd been talking about it for a while. We wanted to put something on which would be like a tasting platter for all the best talent in Auckland, as well as offer a little behind-the-scenes insight and some smart conversation and debate. It happened that Q Theatre liked the idea too and came on board as a sponsor. From there everything fell into place, this will be the first collaborative event between Metro and The Pantograph Punch and I can't wait.

What can guests expect to see this evening?

A cross-section of everything we're excited about this month. We've got Guy Montgomery and Guy Williams talking comedy. NZ Opera are performing an excerpt from L Traviata, and we're screening a short documentary about how Silo Theatre became what it is today. We've also got Renee Lyons presenting a scene from Verbatim, a play that was created from interviews with perpetrators of violent crimes and their victims, and performances by The Jubilation Choir and folk singer Eli Driftwood.

Win a double pass to The Briefing on our Twitter page or buy tickets here x

Lovely Day: Tonic Room 'Winter Wellness' Giveaway

This week is all about brightening winter here at RUBY with the launch of our RUBY High-Winter collection, Lovely Day. Another essential to lighten up the dark, cold days is to keep warm and well. When we need to stock up on health necessities we head to the Tonic Room, a boutique health & beauty store and integrative wellness clinic in Auckland's Kingsland.

We had a chat to Katherine Cooper, naturopath and owner of Tonic Room, about her suggestions for surviving winter. We are also really excited to have a $300 Tonic Room Winter Wellness pack to giveaway (find out how to enter below!)...

Tonic Room

What is the ethos behind Tonic Room and the services you provide?

My mission was to create a boutique natural health brand that appealed to everyone in a more mainstream market. I want people's experience, when choosing natural health and beauty, to be unique and luxurious. My aim is to inspire and motivate people that what goes on their skin and in their environment is equally important as what goes in their bodies.

In Tonic Room we stock not only a full range of supplements and herbal remedies but also an amazing selection of all natural beauty and homeware brands. We have an integrative wellness clinic with a fantastic team of holistic practitioners including naturopaths, and integrative doctor and massage therapist.

How did Tonic Room come about?

After training to become a naturopath I felt really uninspired by the natural health scene in New Zealand so I embarked on an overseas trip. It was here that I realised if I was serious about working in the natural health industry in NZ that I had to open a space that I was truly passionate about. My inspiration came from various beautiful boutique natural health stores in London and Melbourne. After coming back to New Zealand I did a lot of research into natural health and beauty brands that I spent months testing on myself before accumulating for the store.

I worked with a handy team of creatives that helped bring my vision to life in a great space in Kingsland. The beautiful online apothecary was created so that people had the boutique experience of buying natural health and beauty brands from the comfort of their own home.

Tonic Room 2

What natural product can you not live without?

I am constantly trying out new natural products and different formulations, so it is hard to pick just one. I always like to test the effectiveness of natural products on myself before recommending them to customers and clients. At the moment, I can’t live without my Metagenics Detox Powder and Premier Research Labs Greens Powder. I mix these two products into a power smoothie every morning. This combination helps to keep my system nice and alkaline whilst providing daily detoxification support. A day never goes by without taking a Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C sachet for general everyday health. It is especially important heading into winter and I definitely notice my skin, hair and nails always feel better with regular use of this product. When it comes to natural skincare products I cant live without the Martina Organics Moisturiser, my Goe Body Oil and Sans [ceuticals] Lip Aid.

What do you think is the secret to leading a healthy balanced life?

For me with the launch of the new store, finding a healthy balance is proving to be a tough one. Generally speaking, I believe the key things for a healthy balanced life are a wholefood diet, adequate sleep, good hydration, good stress management, regular exercise and of course finding time in life for the things and the ones you love. Without sounding clichéd, I believe moderation is key. We are all human and no one is perfect. Do what you can and never beat yourself up if you have had a bad day. Make small changes that count and that last. At the end of the day I don’t believe we should take life and ourselves too seriously. I am the queen of letting my hair down, having a great laugh and a good glass of Central Otago Pinot.

The Tonic Room

What motto do you live by?

For people who know me well, they know my motto has always been “I can do it”. Apparently I’ve been saying this since I learnt how to talk. I like to give everything in life a go however challenging it may feel.

What are your top five tips for keeping well this winter?

1. Eating a great wholefood diet is really important. Consume adequate protein, eat good fats and avoid processed foods and refined sugars. Fresh juices, super food smoothies, lots of leafy greens, hearty soups and broths are my dietary staples in winter. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, coconut kefir and kimchi should be consumed on a regular basis, as they are jam packed with immune boosting probiotic bacteria.

2. Invest in good quality Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea and probiotic supplements. It’s important to remember, that prevention is key when it comes to fighting colds and flus throughout winter.

3. When the sun is out, get amongst it (safely)! Vitamin D is essential for immune function and a healthy mind. If you feel like you are lacking in Vitamin D, get your levels tested by your GP. In some cases it’s a good idea to take a good quality Vitamin D supplement to see you through to summer.

4. Keep active! Regular and gentle exercise has a proven positive effect on the cells of the immune system.

5. Aim for 8 hours of quality sleep each night. Sleep loss not only generates fatigue but it has a negative effect on the immune system.

Tell us about what's in The Tonic Room Winter Wellness giveaway pack?

I have put together a small pack of my some of my favourite essentials to help keep you well throughout the winter months. These include:

  1. A one-hour naturopathic consultation with our in house Naturopath who will create a tailored health plan specific for your needs.

  2. Lypospheric Vitamin C Sachets to help support a healthy immune system and general wellbeing.

  3. Good Green Stuff Sachets, a powerful blend of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and herbs for increased energy and vitality.

  4. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Lip Butter to keep your lips nourished and hydrated.

  5. Goe Oil, an all over body oil for hands, hair, skin and nails. This product is amazing at replacing the natural oils that the winter weather diminishes.

  6. Artemis Immuno Boost to help fight off seasonal ills and chills


Katherine will be in store at RUBY Newmarket on Saturday morning with Tonic Room treats.

To find out how to enter our Tonic Room Winter Wellness giveaway head on over to our RUBY Facebook page x

Ruby Loves: My Petite Kitchen Cookbook

We're huge fans of everything Eleanor Ozich, the talented lady behind Petite Kitchen, does and are proud to have worked with her on our Liam x Petite Kitchen Recipe Journal for Winter 2013. When we heard a cookbook was in the pipeline we couldn't contain our excitement! We had a chat to Eley about her latest venture....

Petite Kitchen

How did it My Petite Kitchen Cookbook come about?

The Petite Kitchen blog started out as a personal diary for documenting my families path to natural health and healing through wholesome and nourishing food. After about 6 months of blogging almost daily, I decided to self publish recipe journals that I was able to share with my fast growing readers. After great success with the first, I ended up publishing a second issue, and it was during this time that I was contacted by a handful of book publishers. It was an absolute dream come true! and very exciting to be able to distribute my cookbook internationally also.

Petite Kitchen 1

What is your favourite recipe in your cookbook?

I absolutely love the Artichoke & green bean salad with toasted pine nuts, the Beetroot and Brown rice risotto and Lamb leg steaks with mint & apple cider sauce are absolute winners, too! I have also included a recipe for the most incredibly moist and delicious Spiced chai carrot cake with honey mascarpone cream. Oh wait, you only asked for one recipe right?!

Petite Kitchen 4

What is the ethos behind My Petite Kitchen Cookbook?

My Petite Kitchen Cookbook is a complete menu of more than 100 simple, nourishing, wholefood recipes, that I have designed to feed the mind, body and soul. The beautiful hardcover book includes breakfasts, light meals & side dishes, main meals, delectable desserts, dainty nibbles & snacks, smoothies, juices, warming drinks, and a fantastic basics section with a handful of simple recipes which I use in my day to day cooking. Almost all of the recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, and if not, I have included suggestions to make them so.

Tell us about the design of My Petite Kitchen Cookbook....

The book was beautifully put together by the brilliant team at Murdoch Books Australia. In the design we decided to use rustic and lovely vintage fabrics throughout the book to carry on my classic styling from the blog. Each and every recipe is written and also photographed by yours truly. I wanted to keep it simple, as this is my style of cooking and writing. I also wanted to create a cookbook with a beautiful hard cover and quality feel, but also small enough to be able to hold and read nicely. Together, we decided to include a protective dust jacket, lay flat binding for easy reading and a silk ribbon for bookmarking. I am wonderfully happy with the finished work, and I hope that you all love the book just as much as I do.

Petite Kitchen 3

What is next for Petite Kitchen?

For the next couple of months I will be quite busy promoting the book, holding some fantastic events and hosting a handful of cooking workshops. I am also ridiculously excited to be opening a wholefoods cafe & juicery in Kingsland shops with my good friend and business partner Hannah Horton. We hope to see you there once we open!

You can purchase your very own copy of My Petite Kitchen Cookbook here.

We've got one to giveaway to a lucky reader right here on our RUBY blog. To enter, simply comment below with your favourite Petite Kitchen recipe and why.

The winner will be drawn on Friday 9th of May at 9.00am NZT.

Good luck! x