Liam Everything 2022

liam everything is back for another season! think about it like your favourite young adult fiction series: there are some new characters, some that have made an exit, and of course some that have continued on (where would we be without claudia kishi amirite).

i am obsessed with colour. probably not in a cute way. for me, colour brings joy. but when a shade is not quite right i feel itchy. i think the mills we work with to dye our fabric roll their eyes when they get colour instructions from me. but the tiniest tweak makes such a big difference to how calm i feel.

the spring/summer season’s colours make me feel excited-calm. i like bullet points these days so here they are:

~ lilac a la jem and the holograms

~ a new khaki that is named after jetta, the bassist from jem’s rival band the misfits

~ a pop of bubblegum

~ a sprinkle of candy pink

~ classic chocolate

~ black and white

i see the everything collection as a conversation between me and you. what you love, stays. what you ask for, i work to develop. i’m grateful that we can have this two-way street.

my favourites from this season are the johari shirt and skirt in bubblegum pink. and the poppy pant in jem and espresso weirder satin - i feel so spunky when i wear these babies! the high neck curtis blouse has been extended into a midi dress. it’s in jetta green and so simple, comfortable and somehow sophisticated?

i am sticking with my tried and true fabrics:

~ magnolia bemberg cupro (it literally feels like the petal of a magnolia flower!)

~ weirder double satin

~ fortuna satin

and have added in some end-of-line fabric from wall fabrics in auckland:

~ silk organza

~ linen twill

the collection still has zero pre-production waste. this is where our offcuts go:

~ 1kg offcut bundles which we sell, along with our geo knits slow knit patterns and oversize size knitting needles

~ offcut bins in RUBY stores for you to rummage through and find pieces for your sewing projects at home. we have free downloadable .pdf files for these

~ textile products for the natural fibres and upparel for the synthetic blended fibres. you should see the cool stuff they do with them!

i am also working on a new project for us to turn our offcuts into pieces that you will love. stay tuned ;-)

time to talk about liam patterns! i know that you are loving the johari shirt and skirt, as well as the robin dress and lafayette pant. and now it’s time to start thinking about new styles to offer as a pattern. it takes a lot of time and love to turn our ready-to-wear pieces into patterns for you to sew at home. so i want to hear from you - what pieces from this season would you like to see in a pattern? and because i simply ADORE stretching out a metaphor way longer than i really should - help me work out what pieces should be new liam patterns main characters? and what are NPCs?

we hear a bit from you about wanting to learn to sew, so i thought i would put it out to our community - would any of you like to teach people? get in touch, and let us know what city you’re in. same deal if you want to be taught. we will connect you up!

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