Liam Spring 2017

For Spring 17, Liam takes us on a journey of personal reflection and altruistic pursuit. Designer Emily Miller-Sharma celebrates the practice of slowing down and encourages one to surrender to the ebb and flow of life. Experience, learn, outpour, repeat. Give In, Give Out’s only definition is the one you give it.

Paying homage to the rich colours and contemplative feel of seventies fashion, Liam transports us back in time to the counterculture hippie movement. A strong vein of rich maroon runs through the collection, contrasting clean whites; some even with a hint of Liam-style sparkle. Indigo and khaki sooth and satisfy, quenching a thirst for nature.

Florals, both brooding and fresh, connect the introspection of the collection with its freeing enlightenment. The Audrey Floral is a soul print. Its fresh pink bouquets pointing warmly toward the heavens, paying tribute to Emily’s late grandmother.

Pants are punctuated with both straight and wide legs. Free flowing dresses give permission for exploration, with the choice of a shoestring tie to wrap the waist for a more occasional feel. Structure is challenged further with a tailored three-piece suit fabricated in mellow twilight linen. Fine merinos and soft ribs are the fabric of fitted knit tops, giving the body a sensual definition. A black moleskin pant, both smooth in feel and firm in form, along with other signature black pieces, provide the backbone for the collection. Their infinite richness reflecting the endless possibilities of growth and learning.

Transcending expectations and personal limitations, Give In, Give Out prompts us to take a step back from everyday chaos and just breathe… It encourages us to focus on the out-breath, because in that breath, in that simple span of time, everything falls away.