Liam We Did it

You are a filter of those who are around you. Meet We Did It, the autumn/winter 2018 collection from Liam that celebrates collaboration. Step into a world that embraces movement in a way that extends beyond the four corners of a private room, that encourages the wearer to be playful and take control of her own body. We Did It promises that if you dance, it will dance with you.

It all began in one room, with many links in a strong chain. Paper became delicate cloth, and tape the fine cotton to bind it. As fingers worked to pinch darts and pleat skirts, there was a greater force at work; collaboration. The energy was contagious, and the chaos inspiring to Liam Designer Emily Miller Sharma. Comb through the collection and witness the pops of personalities, whose paper dresses have turned to silk and whose exuberance radiates throughout the pieces. Emily pays homage to the team she creates with on a daily basis.

Tucks and folds once sculpted from crisp paper are the pillars of the collection. The Hera Wrap top folds like origami, creating intricacy within its structure, whilst ruffles are enveloped in puffs of fabric on the Mel Blouse. A three-piece linen check suit empowers the Liam woman; a powerhouse under the Iridescent Lady Coat or Khaki George Coat. Elegant gowns, a vital part of the Liam brand, do anything but disappoint. The Sarah Gown with its back detailing skims the body, moving with the wearer to emulate her mood within.

Beige, navy, oatmeal and black form the core of the collection, creating a sense of calm while holding a distinct authority. A bold palette of brilliant red, carmine and a variety of courageous florals assault the senses, pledging to be the heart and soul of any party.

The Chelsea Gown, with its bold red floral pattern is as bright and vibrant as its muse, Chelsea Jade. A longtime friend of the brand and model for the campaign, Chelsea embodies the essence of the collection with her self-determination and vibrancy.

We Did It honours both the past and present; an acorn motif inspired by Jade herself sits quietly on selected pieces, a nod to the old superstition of placing an acorn on your windowsill to protect yourself from lightning.

Colourful, empowering and literally embellished with luck, We Did It is more than just a collection. It’s an invitation of expression, self-discovery and a reminder to appreciate the village that continues to raise you.