Ruby Bleachers

Sitting on the edge of your seat, hoping for the best but prepared to pick them back up when they fall, there’s something truly special in seeing the people you love reach new heights.

RUBY Creative Director Deanna Didovich presents Bleachers, a collection that recognises the importance of showing up, cheering one another on and the power of camaraderie. One of the most underrated joys in life is watching the people you love succeed. Unapologetically enthusiastic, painted sign in hand, orange slices at the ready, standing at the sidelines.

Bleachers opens with the airy August floral, imagined in an array of pieces in recycled polyester and silk, the story brings a lighter lens to a winter floral. Our love affair with mesh continues, with its standout open back feature, the Bounce mesh ensemble appears in a ruched t-shirt, longsleeve, and dress. To add a bit of zest, meet the Dime check in lime. This check print captures the energy of the collection in both its silhouettes and colouring. Playing with texture, the Bubble pieces are woven into a tactile story as reflected in its name, there is no doubt that Rubettes will be excited to get their hands on Bubble.

The collection is rendered in a palette with shades ranging from brown sugar, pear, olive and ice evoking a sense of feeling grounded, a strong foundation upon which we can support one another. These neutral shades are spliced with bursts of electric blue, green sparkle and strawberry.

There is fulfillment in watching the people you love take centre stage, and supporting them from the sidelines. This is a notion that we hope underpins your experience as a Rubette, finding a sense of community and joy from one another. As much pride as you take in being the biggest fan of others, remember apply that same generosity unto yourself.

RUBY Bleachers 2022 first arrivals arrive in store & online from Friday 15th July.