Ruby Champ

RUBY’s paving the way forward in the world with RUBY Champ.

Creative Director Deanna Didovich presents Champ. The collection is a nod to the change RUBY wants to see. Four of the faces in the collection were cast through the brand’s first open Rubettes casting. Champ is about taking responsibility, knowing your force and driving change for a world we all belong in.

New season suitings make a strong start for the collection. The Starling suit in charcoal features a relaxed double breasted blazer, paired with a cuffed trouser that is designed to be powerful worn together or as structured separates. The Steffi set in cream drill with a shearling trim is suiting with a twist. A graphic chain-link is the print for the season, seen on silk in an oversized maxi, a classic wrap minidress, and fresh button-down shirt. Ginni mesh styles in chocolate & meadow add a new energy and lightness to the collection. And staying true to RUBY’s playful vibe, pops of vermilion, pink & pistachio marle sing in new knitwear.

Deanna says, “For us, Champ is about taking a new idea and running with it. We wanted our collection to be represented by Rubettes themselves. We’re thankful through our open casting to work with Grace (she/her), Jessica (she/her), Joshiua (she/they) and Siadin (she/her). I believe Champ is about having the courage to try something different, about putting your nerves to the side, and believing in change.”

RUBY Champ embodies a loud, passionate spirit. The collection offers a crisp outlook that is designed to resonate with the developing you. Champ is about standing out, being daring and asking yourself: if not you, then who?

First arrivals from RUBY Champ arrive in store and online from Friday 14th May 2021 - click here to shop >