Ruby Connections

A collection focused on connection, while ironically in all aspects made apart. Even this piece you’re reading now.

Creative Director Deanna Didovich presents Connections, RUBY’s autumn 2022 collection. Focusing on connection may seem contradictory given the nature of now, but connection is more than just being in close proximity to one another. And in its many forms, it is more important now than ever.

Opening strong with the Donovan Tie Crop Top & Pant, intricate details combined with a utilitarian aesthetic make this story a standout. Connecting to our past we bring back the iconic Marina Gown, reimagined in our Maude floral story. With an ethereal feel, Maude takes a variety of forms in silk, chiffon and ramie, all fabrics that in conjunction with the print are sure to make an impression on you. Tapping into Firebird Feelings, it is widely known that the bond between Rubettes and their Firebirds is unbreakable. Connections introduces the next chapter of the Firebird, with the ruched Firebird Bodice & Skirt in green gable. Wear this bodice alone or layered over the collection’s fresh take on classic shirts & knits.

With a silhouette for all Rubettes, outerwear is a core part of this collection. Featuring the oversized Cloud Puffer, the Basil Coat in a pastel check and a powder blue houndstooth Scarlett Coat, all pieces have been designed to be the cherry on top to any autumn look.

For RUBY, clothing has always been about fostering connection between Rubettes. At every stage of its creation, this collection was formed through connection; connection to one another, to a time and place and to our community. In launching RUBY autumn 2022, we hope you can feel this sense of connection when these pieces make their way into your life.

RUBY Connections arrives in store & online from Friday 18th March 2022, with weekly deliveries until early May 2022 - click here to shop >