Ruby Motion

With the sun firmly on our backs, RUBY Motion has arrived to end the summer on a high note.

Creative Director, Deanna Didovich presents Motion. Motion is a free-spirited collection that will help you unwind and reset, so you can restore your strength for what lies ahead. Motion is crafted with garden florals, 60's silhouettes and breathable knits. True to RUBY’s classic nature, Motion is filled with natural tones, adored ginghams, light-weight linens and vibrant colours that pop.

Deanna says, “If there is one thing that is constant in life, it’s change. I wanted to celebrate this with Motion. Often, I think we can become so fixated on life’s nuances; we forget how special it is just to be existing. How lucky we are to be able to experience change and grow from it.”

“This collection arrives at the height of summer, temperatures are high, the air is thick, and life is slow-moving and graceful. I wanted the collection to encapsulate an ever-lasting summer, where days turn into nights at the beach, with pieces that will take you right through.”

RUBY Motion is about putting your best foot forward this year. Motion isn’t precious; the pieces are meant to be danced in, to be enjoyed and unequivocally lived in. We don’t know what is around the corner; all we can do is care for one another, ride the wave of motion and look forward to what is to come.

First arrivals from RUBY Motion arrive in store and online from Friday 15th January 2021 - click here to shop >