Ruby Pre-Fall 2018

Meet RUBY Pre-Fall 2018, the collection that promises to rejuvenate your palette and give you wings for the year ahead, all with a sprinkling of 60’s British sass.

Take a trip to the streets of London, and rewind your clock a few decades. Turn your gaze to the bustling side-walk ahead and picture RUBY Pre-Fall gracing the pavement. Like a daring street photographer, snap the ruched sleeves of the Constance Blouse, lavish of fabric and spirit. Frame the full skirt of the Olivia Gown as it swallows the wind, and the thick shell of the Houston Coat that pays tribute to none other than Anjelica Huston herself. The Annie Gown and Twinkle Gown both skim the pavement, their bias cut fabric perfectly framing the figure. The variation and detail of shapes and shells can hardly be captured in one single shot.

Fabrics deserve a zoom lens, with fine prints showing off refined detail. The Olivia story parades a fine flora and fauna silk print, slender stems and fine petals outlined against the black background. The inspiration behind this fabric lies in the floral wallpaper of an old worldly homestead. Attracting endless attention is the Tom Cat Blazer, pant and bodice; the perfect pinstripe trio for those looking to enthral. The Constance daisy print is fit for a Queen, its botanical motif fine enough for Elizabeth herself.

An ode to the grey London day is made through cosy knitwear and snug coats. The cashmere Houston Sweater is a favourite, its blue fibres looking and feeling more like the softest cloud than anything else. The Brigitte Sweater, crocheted with intricate detail pays tribute to the vintage craft, a handmade nod to the 60’s. The Devon Biker with its red wool, spirited and daring, wills you to make bold choices, to be yourself, and to embrace the new.

Join RUBY Pre-Fall in walking the English cobbles of the 60’s, except neither time travel nor passports are necessary. All you need is a fresh perspective, a little wardrobe space and a camera to document the adventure.

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