Ruby Pre-Spring 2017

The RUBY girl’s mystique is explored throughout Pre-Spring 2017, Good Witch. Our lady wears her intrigue well, projecting a seventies nouveau vibe that you can’t help but be entranced by.

Ruffles, high neck lines, A-line skirting and wide-leg denim are on show, complemented by a spread of crushed velvet, hammered satin and metallic rose-printed jacquard.

For a dramatic evening look, the Belladonna gown is RUBY’s answer to black tie dressing. The statement piece boldly embraces colour with a rich purple and green floral. Elsewhere, the Belladonna floral appears on both a thigh-high dress and a tiered bodice playsuit with a flounced sleeve.

RUBY’s good witch is brought to life in the form of an illustration on this season’s statement tee, inspired by the late Aubrey Beardsley’s artwork.

Accessories complete the offering. A pair of burgundy suede heels have quilting and chain link detail, while jewellery queens will love the citrine Estella earrings and her sparkly flower power friends.

Colour makes an sensual statement. Pigment rich purple, khaki green and merlot red are balanced by black, midnight blue, metallics and light pink.

With a nonchalant attitude and a heightened sixth sense, the air of mystery is strong in RUBY this season.