Ruby Quiet Please 2016

RUBY’s debut sleepwear collection overlooks the usual confines of what to wear and when. Too good to keep only for bed time, Quiet Please brings an air of insouciance to weekend brunch dates, impromptu hotel stays and nights out dancing.

Silk, crisp cotton separates and grey marle knits inform the collection’s relaxed spirit. A striped blue-and-white shirt can be worn with twin drawstring bottoms or paired with jewels and silky pants for when it’s time to go out.

Shoestring strap camisoles and boxers combine as sweet sets. The 10PM Slip Dress, perfect for queen-of-the-manor types, is cut on the bias and encourages spontaneous twirling with a ruffle trim. For a long-haul flight or to help ward off early morning chills, the off-shoulder 7AM Jumper is a cosy throw on option.

Colour shifts from light shades of blush pink, moss green and pale blue to an opulent navy hue. A surreal floral print by artist Adam Hale of The Daily Splice brings to mind daytime dreaming, and is featured on both the 10PM Slip Dress and the Quiet Please Playsuit.

Plan on leaving the house? Just remember to remove your eye mask and slippers at the door.