Ruby Buffer

A moment, a breath, a break, a Buffer. As we step into a world that is simultaneously familiar and unknown, Buffer is here to ease you through a time of change.

RUBY Creative Director Deanna Didovich presents Buffer, a collection designed in response to the new normal, a period of adjustment, of change, of newness, of figuring out what you want to do and who you want to be. Whatever you choose, RUBY Buffer is here alongside you.

Currently, our memories are buffering; to a time where a 12-hour flight was nothing out of the ordinary, a RAT was only an animal, and face masks were just for self-care. While some things are the same, our memories are not reality and a lot of decisions, big and small, are headed our way. So let us make it easy for you, as you brace yourself for the known and unknown.

Transitioning into winter, Buffer’s knitwear features an array of textures, shapes and styles. Meet Wylie, a cable knit in grey marle, crafted in a weighty cropped sweater and vest. With its signature fluted cuff, Matilda makes its way back to you in a sweater and new season cardigan. Be playful with these knits, layered over the collection’s trans-seasonal dresses and shirts or paired with the new season Suzie Jean, a denim staple in classic blue & indigo. This collection explores new designs while also refining old favourites; Bettina, Clover, Ima and Mirella re-emerging in bold new colours.

Adding depth and bursts of energy, Buffer brings shades of ink, electric blue, lipstick pink & lime to the season, imagined in contrasting silhouettes.

Rubettes are free to attach their own experience to the pieces; whether you decide to chop your hair, write that resignation letter, pack your bags or change nothing at all, let Buffer be the one thing you don’t need to worry about.

Ruby Buffer first arrivals arrive in store and online from Friday 27th May 2022